Fonda Gaig, Traditional Catalan Cuisine – Barcelona

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If you go to Fonda Gaig at 8:30 pm, you will most likely find yourself in an empty restaurant because most diners don’t show up until 9:30 pm. Fonda Gaig, serving traditional Catalan cuisine, is opened by chef Carles Gaig, who’s family has been in the local restaurant business since 1869. The spacious, simple and understated restaurant is decorated with pear wood paneled walls and russet-red leather chairs.

I start with Spaguettini with Truffle Sauce and Parmesan Shavings. Don’t underestimate this basic dish. It is aromatic and extremely flavorful, and the texture of the spaghetti is near perfection. It was sensational. My taste buds haven’t danced liked this since the Bikini Comerç 24.

The Gratiné Grandma Maria Cannelloni on the other hand is overpoweringly creamy and cheesy. It reminds me of an enchilada without the sauce. It was deliciously gooey.

As I devour my main course of Roasted Crispy Boned Suckling Pig with Strawberry and Onion Salad, I find the meat fatty and soft like butter. The viscous taste is overwhelming even with the sweet and tartness of the salad. It makes total sense that the serving size is small for this delightful yet heavy dish.

My companion’s Casserole Roasted Rabbit with Seasonal Mushrooms is well stewed although a little on the salty side. Compared to the other dishes, this is a less exciting one.

Deconstructed Catalan Crème Brûlée

Apple Tatin with Whipped Cream

If you ever get bored or want a break from the tapas madness in Barcelona, Fonda Gaig is a good restaurant that offers something different yet still sticks to its Catalan roots.


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