Tagine – The Royal Mirage, Dubai

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Tagine is a Moroccan restaurant located in the Royal Mirage Hotel in Dubai. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful and well recommended restaurants in Dubai. Immediately after arriving at Tagine, I notice the decor accentuates Morocco, from the floors to the walls, along with live Moroccan music, the ambiance is fantastic.

Shown to our table by the friendly waitstaff, I feel the urge to just sit and relax and take it all in, but my stomach is growling, so you know what that means. I order the Tagine T’Faya – lamb braised with onions, seasoned with saffron flower, flavored with fresh coriander and served with a hard-boiled egg and fried almonds; the Couscous Bidaoui – steamed semolina served with chicken and garnished with fresh cooked vegetables; the Revettes Malaki – grilled tiger prawns marinated in garlic, fresh herbs, lemon juice and olive oil. To end the meal I order the recommended Kenaffa dessert, a pastry layer filled with vanilla cream.

Dishes are showcased in beautiful silver covers when they arrive. Upon uncovering of the dishes the smell of different spices hit my senses and I immediately dig into the feast. The Tagine T’Faya is hearty and heavy and the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and moist. The Couscous Bidaoui is more on the light side, it is fluffy and a bit buttery. The Revettes Malaki is a disappointment as the shrimp does not taste fresh and is overpowered by the abundance of lemon juice. The Kenaffa dessert, on the other hand, is a crunchy cornflake pastry layer with smooth, rich vanilla cream that brought a smile to my face.

In my experience of dining in Dubai, I found great food mostly in local, down and dirty places, whereas most beautiful and extravagant restaurants only serve mediocre food. Tagine is no exception to that, but I wold still recommend you to go, so that you can experience Dubai’s lavish style, for which it is most famous for.

Tagine Restaurant – The Royal Mirage – Dubai, UAE +971 4 399 9999


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