The Meatball Shop – New York City

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Just hearing the words MEATBALL will make my mouth drool and my stomach ROAR! So when my friend told me about a Meatball Shop… All I said was,”You had me at meatball… LETS GO NOW!” Without hesitation we set off to Stanton street to The Meatball Shop!

What is the Meatball Shop?  I think the name says it all.

Arriving at the establishment we notice that it is packed to the brim. The Meatball Shop does not take reservations but luckily we arrive just when a big party is leaving. On the menu is a glorious listing of all different types of meatballs and many different ways of having them. Have I died and gone to heaven? I wonder.

We order the Spicy Pork Naked Balls with Tomato Sauce, which consists of four meatballs served with a stick of focaccia bread; The Classic Beef Smash with Classic Tomato Sauce, this consists of two balls smashed on a toasted brioche bun with mozzarella cheese and served with a small side salad. Finally the Sliders, here you can have a combination of choices, but I go with each type of meatball: beef, spicy pork, chicken, vegetable and the daily special; with different sauces: tomato, spicy meat, mushroom gravy, pesto, and the special. Along with the meatballs we also order some side dishes that consist of  broccoli, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, and polenta.

Our food arrives piping hot and looking oh so beautiful. The Classic Beef Smash is delicious: the gooey cheese, the tangy and sweet tomato sauce and the moist, chewy consistency of the well cooked meatballs all melded perfectly with the brioche bun. I want more but I have to save my stomach for what is to come! My next victim, the Spicy Pork Naked Balls, which is basically meatballs in a bowl, is well seasoned and not that spicy but still scrumptious. The 5 sliders arrive next, this is a fun item to eat and choose from; tasting all the different types of meatballs this restaurant serves with different sauces gets my taste buds dancing. Out of all 5 sliders, I would say the vegetable ball is something you can pass on, technically this place is a meatball shop so the vegetable ball is a bit of a miss, but hey you have to make sure the vegetarians have their fun too right!? The side dishes are nothing memorable but the one that stood out was definitely the polenta.

Overall this is a fun place to go with a group of friends, share food on a communal table and try to taste everything on the menu. If you are in the mood for just meatballs look no further, if you are looking for something other than meatballs then you should look elsewhere. The Meatball Shop has multiple locations so they can cure your meatball hunger pains.

The Meatball Shop – Multiple Locations in NYC
84 Stanton {212} 982-8895
170 Bedford {718} 551-0520
64 Greenwich {212} 982-7815


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