Sang Kee Seafood Restaurant, Hong Kong

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Sang Kee Seafood Restaurant in Wan Chai has been around for 30 years. With just one location and a skyrocketing rental market, to not only survive but also thrive in the uber competitive Hong Kong restaurant scene, they must be doing something right.

Unlike my usual self, I did the opposite by showing up at Sang Kee 45 minutes early. Most restaurants would have turned me away but they offered me the least desirable table right in front of the entrance, in which I happily accepted.

As I sat down I immediately noticed the “Dragon Lady” of Sang Kee. She was sitting at the table next to me. In her husky and demanding voice, she called out to waiters and cooks, giving out orders and comments, while tasting the congee of the day.  Later she approached my table with a plate of chicken that I ordered, I was preparing myself for the worst, but luckily, she gave me a warm motherly smile instead.

Decor is plain, but the restaurant was full, even on a Monday night.

The Lotus Root Patties and Deep Fried Fresh Squid in Salt reminds me of really good quality street food.

The Fried Prawns in Soy Sauce comes golden in color. As I remove the shells, the smell of soy sauce, garlic and green scallion overwhelm my senses, and the best moment is when I put that big chunk of shrimp into my mouth, its juicy sweetness only makes me wanting more.

Baked Chicken with Salt is a dish you should definitely pre-order when making reservations. The chicken is oily but fresh, meat is soft and the skin is flavorful without being too thick and heavy. It is one of Sang Kee’s specialties.

Braised Melon in Broth with Liver is probably my least favorite dish. To be fair, it is mostly due to personal taste. The liver is cut into thick pieces and cooked nicely with loofah in a light and delicious broth. It is different from other liver dishes I tried before which were usually deep fried or heavily seasoned. However if you can somewhat tolerate liver but not a liver lover, then I would not recommend this dish. Personally, I can’t help but think that maybe I will enjoy this dish much more if I had the perfect alcoholic beverage to pair it with, one way or the other, there is just so much more for me to explore!

Whether you love congee or not, Sang Kee’s Congee with Fish is a must. You should definitely pre-order this dish because daily quantities are limited. Apparently the congee is cooked for 8 hours and is only available during dinner hours. The texture is smooth and the taste is superb. I taste meat, fish, scallion, ginger, coriander, lemon zest and more but they all work very well together, none overpowering the other.

Sang Kee is one of those places that does not look especially stunning, does not have the most outstanding service, but people still go back for more. For many neighborhood locals, Sang Kee has been a part of their family history; as for me, I will definitely go back because its true Cantonese taste I can enjoy in a somewhat relaxed environment without breaking the bank.

2-3/F, 107-115, Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
+852 2575 2239 ‎


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