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I have to say right off the bat that Banh Mi Saigon is the best Bahn Mi Sandwich shop in the city. I can technically end this review right here and now but I will dive deeper into why this place is #1 on my charts.

I went to Banh Mi Saigon almost once a week even before they moved into their new and improved shop at 198 Grand street. At their old location, they shared a small and narrow space with a Chinese jewelery stand. I would come here on Fridays to pick up my lunch, then walk back to my office in Soho, and devour my Pork Bahn Mi Spicy Sandwich. Just be warned the sandwich is a bit smelly due to the pickled radish, but rest assured that it is the least of your concerns once you take that first bite. Buy some for your coworkers and share the joy and I’m sure you will be the most popular person in your office! (or the smelliest)

This Bahn Mi sandwich is like a drug, it’s addicting and you just can’t have one. Inside these beauties are cucumbers, pickled radish, shredded carrots, parsley, mayo and the ever so addicting little shredded pork nuggets that are oily, fatty, crunchy, chewy all in one. I tried the other sandwiches (pate, meatball, chicken etc), they are only ok, but nothing beats the original Pork Bahn Mi. If you can handle the heat, get the sandwich on the spicy side with sriracha sauce and hot green peppers, it adds an awesome kick to it!

If you need a cheap snack or meal (if its a meal get two) head on over to Bahn Mi Saigon and get the Pork Bahn Mi Spicy. You seriously won’t regret it!

Banh Mi Saigon: 198 Grand St (between Mulberry St & Mott St), New York City. Tel.: +12129411541


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