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I was in the mood for a snack and what better way to fill my hunger pains than with a hotdog with all the trimmings. J-Dog is a Japanese style hot dog establishment with concoctions ranging from crab roe and cucumbers to seaweed and onions. But is this place worth the trek? Find out after the break.

I would not say J-Dog is a dine in type restaurant but more of a snack stand with some cramped seating inside. The decor seems to give off the vibe that the place is still under construction. The bare plywood finish and plain white walls is not begging for your attention. But the only thing that catches your eye is the vending machine style menu which is enormous in size and hard to miss, which is what they were going for. You can either order in person or choose on your own like you would a vending machine.

I order the Nori Dog and the Daikon Dog and a nice cold beer to wash it down with. All the hot dogs are served on a black sesame toasted bun. Aside from the hotdogs, J-Dog also offers fried shrimp cakes, chicken wings, hash browns etc… But I was here for one thing and one thing only the Japanese style hot dogs.

Prepare to get messy, as these hot dogs are garnished with massive amounts of toppings. I dig into my Nori dog, which consists of seaweed, onion, chicken sauce, mayonnaise and chicken sausage, the amount of flavors rushing into your mouth is abundant. The toasted bun is warm and chewy and the toppings meld well together, not one flavor overpowering the other. It just works.

The Daikon Dog consists of grated daikon radish, spring onions and beef sausage. I took my first bite and felt a bit bewildered. I could not taste anything but the beef sausage. So I try to wash my palate down with some beer and let it settle for a bit before taking my next bite. Bite after bite, I found this Daikon Dog to be on the light side. The sausage was a bit over cooked and chewy and the toppings did not have enough flavors to give it any meaning. This did not work.

If your stomach is growling and you are in the mood for a hotdog with all the trimmings then J-Dog will not disappoint. The hotdogs are large and filling and well worth the price. (I would skip the Daikon Dog) You can always go with friends and try out the gigantic 50cm jumbo family dog, that way you can choose up to 4 different styles of toppings in one setting.

J-Dog - G/F, 124 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang,  Hong Kong


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