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The quest for a quality burger in Hong Kong continues… This time EE stops by BurgeRoom located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Arriving in the afternoon to a packed restaurant, my expectations of BurgeRoom just got a bit higher. The restaurant is a bit cramped, yes, even though there are tables, the supposed waitstaff are there to just clean up after you and not take your food order. So you will need to squeeze your way through depending on how crowded it is to place an order. I peruse the extensive menu ranging from the classic beef burger, chicken, duck, fish, crab, scallop, lobster, oyster (yea my thoughts exactly) and of course to accommodate the vegetarians there is the mushroom burger. They covered almost every type of meat burger possible. I decide on the bacon cheeseburger with french fries. After about 10 minutes my burger arrives piping hot and juicy. At first glance this burger is ginormous! The burger is cut in half to make it easier for consumption. I was bit irked at the abundance of thousand island sauce on this behemoth burger, but of course scraping it off can easily fix that problem. The juices are running wild and I quickly take my first bite. It was disappointing that the bun was a bit dry and flaky in some areas. The saltiness of the bacon was clearly there, I just wished it was a bit more crispy than soggy, but that’s minor. The taste of the cheese was almost non existent, maybe a sharper cheddar would have been better. And last but not least the most important part… the burger meat; it was soft, moist and flavorful. Thankfully it was not heavily seasoned like other burger places in Hong Kong. Eating the beef alone it reminded me of Japanese Hamburg Steak, it was not airy like JG Melon’s burger, but overall the burger was better than I expected. If the cheese is sharper and the bun is softer this burger would be great. At this moment this is probably the best burger in Hong Kong I have had thus far… there are many more burger joints around so lets see how long it will stay on top of my list. BurgerRoom – 7 Caroline Hill Road Causeway Bay Hong Kong T: (852) 2890 9130


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