Quick Trips: Roscioli Restaurant – Rome, Italy

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Roscioli restaurant is situated near Campo dei Fiori, a young, lively and touristic area in the center of Rome. We went there on a Saturday night and this combo deli- restaurant was packed. This of course did not help the service, which was rather slow, but everybody was very helpful and friendly. What I like the most about this restaurant is the huge wine selection, especially the selection of Barolo. It also has a large variety of beers, salami, prosciutto and cheese platters to go with the drinks.

As for main courses, I enjoyed the Entrecôte but my favorite is the Pasta Cacio Pepe which is a traditional Roman dish with cheese and pepper; the hamburger on the other hand is only average, nothing to die for. For dessert, we had Tiramisu and some fruits and biscuits accompanied by a bowl of melted dark chocolate, both were mediocre at best.

Compared to other similar restaurants in the area, Roscioli is a bit more expensive but overall it is a good experience, however I would recommend avoiding going on a Saturday night!

Roscioli: Via dei Giubbonari, 21, 00186 Rome


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