Benoit, a Alain Ducasse Restaurant – Paris, France

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Alain Ducasse’s Michelin starred Benoit in Paris was not on my radar until someone highly recommended it to me. He believes it is the best and convinced me to cancel my prior reservation at a restaurant, which I booked a few weeks in advance.

My taxi driver had a hard time finding the restaurant, after driving in circles for a while, my companion and I were finally dropped off at an alley way, so we could walk to the restaurant since it’s on a pedestrian street.

This traditional French bistro is delicately decorated with tiled floors, classic woodwork and glass panels. I felt as if I was in an old French movie until the waiter approached us with perfect English, and with a very positive and energetic attitude. I really appreciated his great service, but this is so not the traditional french “welcome foreigners” that I was expecting, I started to think that I was in a tourist hotspot.

My companion and I shared snails with garlic butter and herbs, a mixed green salad, a lobster salad and duck. The food was fine, but Paris has many equally good or better quality restaurants, many without a celebrity executive chef in the kitchen and a Michelin star on the front door. It was a pleasant experience at Benoit but nothing blew my mind away and it did not stand out as a magnificent restaurant that you must go when in Paris.

20,rue Saint-Martin, 75004 Paris, France (Hôtel-de-Ville)
+01 42 72 25 76


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