Linguini Fini – Fresh Handmade Pasta in Hong Kong (Update: Moving to New Location)

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There have been a slew of Italian restaurants popping open in Hong Kong as of late, and I finally have the chance to visit Linguini Fini, how was this “farm-to-fork” establishment? Read on to find out.


Linguini Fini is located in the L Place in Central. The group that owns Linguini Fini also owns Posto Publicco, Cantopop and Home Grown Foods – an online organic food delivery service. Linguini Fini sources organic, fresh produce and meats that are free of antibiotics and growth hormones from local farms and prides themselves in their daily handmade breads and pasta.


Mista Salad

The various dishes I tried include the Handmade Spicy Pork Sausage, Mista Salad, Half Chicken, Linguini Genovese, Linguini with Clams, On Top of Spaghetti with Meatballs and the Ricotta Cheese Pizza.


Homemade Spicy Pork Sausage


Lardo Roasted Half Chicken is tender but nothing spectacular

Among all the dishes my favorites are: The Mista salad which is surprisingly garden-fresh and delicious, I highly recommend ordering it because the quality of the leafy greens are excellent; the Handmade Spicy Pork Sausage is another flavorful and juicy dish. I think it is a must when coming here; the Linguini Fini Genovese is a perfectly cooked pasta dish and has just the right amount of basil pesto; the On the Top Spaghetti with Meatball is pleasantly cheesy, moist and savory.


Linguini Fini Genovese


On Top of Spaghetti Meatball


Arthur Avenue Linguini with Clams is simple, light and nothing remarkable


Ricotta Cheese Pizza with Parmesan is a lighter pizza with no sauce on it


Ricotta Cheese Pizza with Parmesan is light, chewy and satisfactory

Overall the food at Linguini Fini is fresh and enjoyable. The only drawback is the portion sizes. If you are in the mood for some simple fresh pastas and some delicious organic fare Linguini Fini will not disappoint.

Linguini Fini 1/F, The L Place, 139 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2857-1333

Update: Linguini Fini is moving to 49 Elgin Street in Soho by early Autumn, 2014


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