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Feel Restaurant – Yangon, Myanmar

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I am lying on a wooden floor at the Shwedagon Pagoda, waiting for the rain to stop. I took a quick iPhone shot of my Burmese friend next to me, instagram’d it with a caption “Finding WIFI at Shwedagon Pagoda”. A monk is sitting in front of me, blocking half of my view. Rain is… READ MORE

The eating scene in Taiwan is overwhelming yet exciting. In this post, I focus on the cheap eats of Taiwan. Most of the dishes below range from US$0.50 to US$2 per dish; only a few seafood dishes are pricier at US$5 to US$6. In fact, many of these dishes can trace their roots back to… READ MORE

In search for something thrilling for my taste buds in Las Vegas, I leave the Strip and head to a strip mall in Chinatown. A 10 minutes taxi ride takes me in front of a restaurant called Hot N Juicy Crawfish. I don’t have a reservation but the spacious dining room has plenty of tables… READ MORE

Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa lights up his unassuming restaurant with dishes resembling carefully curated art pieces. If you don’t go to Les Créations de Narisawa with a child-like imagination, you have denied yourself most of the fun. Like the children in The Chronicles of Narnia who traveled through a wardrobe to a magical land – as… READ MORE

From just a solo bar with only 5 employees to today’s Bua Bar Group, employing over 100 employees, Ruairi Curtin appears overly humble about his success in the ultra competitive New York City bar scene. When I first met Ruairi Curtin, he had just opened his first bar Bua with a few college buddies. None… READ MORE

Traveling across the high Atlas Mountains and the Valley of Thousand Kasbahs (fortresses), I arrive at Warzazat – a province between mountains and deserts, some 200 kilometers southeast of Marrakech, Morocco. Due to its proximity to the Sahara desert, it is also nicknamed the door of the desert. While Warzazat may not sound familiar to… READ MORE

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have started our descent into the José Martí International Airport, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are…” I lift up the window shade hoping to get a glimpse of Havana from above. But all I can see is green vegetation stretching on miles of flush land. I wonder… READ MORE

I don’t know what it is that Bangkok has on me. Every time when I leave Bangkok, I tell myself “you’ve seen enough of this city, you should go somewhere else next time.” But a few weeks later, I get this strong desire to return. The major lure is of course: the food. I put… READ MORE

Last week Tourism Australia announced the finalists for the Best Jobs in the World. Greg Snell (see earlier interview here) has again emerged from tough competitions and is now in the final three for South Australia’s Wildlife Caretaker position. Since last week, Greg has been busy being interviewed by various TV channels; we caught up… READ MORE


Nahm – The Best Thai Restaurant in Thailand?

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Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant list 2013 ranked Nahm in Bangkok as the third best restaurant in Asia. On their website, they claimed that this list is voted by some 900 international restaurant industry experts. They explained vaguely: “What constitutes “best” is left to the judgment of these trusted and well-traveled gourmets.” Then stated that: “Given… READ MORE