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Roti King, St John – Antigua

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The Caribbeans is a great tourist destination and when you find places that have not been invaded by tourists you tend to feel like a local! (even just for a few minutes) I know sunbathing and swimming in the cool ocean can get you a bit lazy but I guarantee you that finding these local… READ MORE


The Water Front Bar & Grill – Antigua

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Antigua is a lovely island, the beaches are wonderful and the views are spectacular. It doesn’t take much to make a restaurant look beautiful here. As for the Water Front Restaurant… well they went in the opposite direction. This new restaurant opened its doors a few months ago and decided that purple velvet sofas are… READ MORE

Imagine dining in front of a beautiful ocean, embraced by the cool Caribbean breeze while enjoying a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio; or take a bite of the clams gratinees and let it melt in your mouth while feeling carefree, is this a dream because it almost feels like one at Cecilia’s High Point Cafe…. READ MORE