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Murray’s Bagel – New York City

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murrays_bagel_crop The Giant Eyes
One Dollar
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When I was growing up in Long Island, I remember my father bringing home breakfast on Sundays. We lived in a Jewish area of Long Island, so sometimes breakfast on Sunday would consist of Bagels, Lox, Sable, Matza, Blintzes etc…these are my favorite childhood memories, and that is why I enjoy Murray’s Bagel. At Murray’s… READ MORE


Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, New York City

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eileens_crop The Chubby Orangutan
Two Dollars
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I confess that I am not a sweet orangutan, just chubby, not sweet. I don’t even have many teeth left, let alone a sweet tooth. Sweets are something that I normally don’t care about. But when I had Eileen’s cheesecake for the first time, my heart melted and I was so touched by all the… READ MORE

Author: The Blue Lion Finished lunch, was on the way back and saw the popcorn man! The best popcorn yo! Super fresh! This region of China is known for soy beans and corn farms, maybe that’s why these super “organic” popcorn is so fresh. Only 1 RMB (about $0.16 USD) per huge plastic bag. It… READ MORE