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Banh Mi Saigon – New York City

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I have to say right off the bat that Banh Mi Saigon is the best Bahn Mi Sandwich shop in the city. I can technically end this review right here and now but I will dive deeper into why this place is #1 on my charts. I went to Banh Mi Saigon almost once a… READ MORE

Bánh Mì (pronounced as Ba Me) means bread in Vietnamese. A Bánh Mì sandwich is often a Vietnamese baguette with pâté, Vietnamese mayonaise, ham, mortadella, pickled radish, cucumbers and carrots, and garnished with coriander, cilantro and pepper.  Bánh Mì sandwich is common in all parts of Vietnam, it is usually eaten for breakfast or lunch, and… READ MORE

My love for Phở (Vietnamese rice noodle soup) was rooted during my years in Boston, those days I used to frequent Phở Pasteur in Allston, Massachusetts. Believe it or not, there are some really amazing phở restaurants in the US opened by Vietnamese immigrants, however, I always dreamed to try an authentic phở in Vietnam, and… READ MORE