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It all started when I noticed one of my colleagues in Canton (Guangzhou), China was depressed. The usually happy and chipper girl was quiet and anti-social. I approached her a few times and finally she opened up and told me that her son has been sick with an unusually strange and bad cough for weeks…. READ MORE

Photo Contributor: The Round Panda While the Round Panda was disturbing the peace in Korea a few days ago, he came across a pretty common local dish called the Beondegi – the silk worm larvae. He said he was “too chicken to eat it”, but apparently his uncle was munching on these little creatures as… READ MORE


Ninja Turtle Soup in Chang Chun, China

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Author: The Blue Lion I know this is not for the faint of heart but I am open to giving everything a try. The soup consisted of various types of mushrooms and the unfortunate ninja turtle and it was fantastic. They then took the ninja turtle out and stir-fried it with house chilli sauce. The… READ MORE

Author: The Blue Lion Chang Chun is a city in JinLin province, in the North East of China. (Highlighted in red on the China map) It is close to Korea and the Korean food there is very good. We went to this Korean restaurant and it was super authentic. It is a joint venture between… READ MORE


Eating Chicken Testicles in Hong Kong

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Chicken Testicles The Chubby Orangutan
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First impression: I did not know chicken has such big testicles! Apparently, it is quite common to eat chicken testicles during hotpot in Hong Kong. However I was not a big fan. The texture was surprisingly smooth and fine, but it carried a distinctive smell even after boiling it in the heavily seasoned broth. I… READ MORE

How about not? It was grainy, dry, not much of a taste…don’t think I will be snacking on that anytime soon, where are my patatas fritas?