Why are we a bunch of animals? Because…

  1. We want to eat in restaurants and write our opinion anonymously. We do not accept restaurant invitations and free meals.
  2. We are not here to gain individual recognition, which would have missed the point of this blog.
  3. We started this blog to have fun within a bunch of friends. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  4. A little secret (well not anymore) is that the Chubby Orangutan, imagines people as different animals when she first meets them, so the idea of the barn came naturally.

Our Authors

Growing up has taught me to focus my time and energy on things I love. It’s easy to say just follow your heart, do what makes you happy, but when we spend countless months and years living under other’s expectations, we have lost ourselves and can hardly determine what our heart truly desires.

Growing up has also taught me to be honest with myself. Only a genuine, naked love can bring happiness. And that is how Eat-Everywhere.com came about. I enjoy the experience of eating, I admire the fearless, free spirits of vagabonding, and I want to express my interests through writing. All of them bring me joy, and more importantly the appreciation for life.

Soon after I started Eat-Everywhere.com, my wonderful friends from Europe and America joined as co-authors. We are silly people who take after animals and we are here to have fun!

Hello I’m the Fat Bulldog! I’m a photographer and I worked as a photography assistant for Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks. My inspirations and hobbies are FOOD, photography, traveling, keeping fit, my bulldog Lola and my family. I love honesty, I love my family more than anything, I love to be in love, I love friendships that are pure and to the point, and I love exploring anything new! Looking forward to share more with you on eat-everywhere.com!

Hello Eat-Everywhere readers, I am The Giant Eyes! I love to cook, eat, sleep and repeat! My hobbies include photography, watching the Yankees and Jets, and cooking. My time at the French Culinary Institute in NYC has furthered my love for Food! I have to be honest…this blog is making me fat! But I ran the NYC marathon in 2011 so I guess I’m done with training! Woo hoo! Let’s EAT! Come join me in my food adventure!

Hello everyone! I am the Hungry Giraffe aka THG!  I am from a beautiful place with lovely oceans and sunshine. I am a filmmaker when I am not eating! I admit that I am addicted to food, the nature, the sun, the ocean and nice people!

Hello Eat-Everywhere readers! I am the Jade Panther from Rancho Cucamonga, California. I am a very gentle panther. I love to cook, bake and read; yoga, biking and swimming. I have a passion and love for all things food! I am a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and I hope to share my love for food here with you!

Hello! I am the Little Dik-dik. I love food. Enough said.